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New BMW 330e first-ever plug-in hybrid 3 Series announced [video]

BMW has announced they will launch a new 2016 BMW 330e plug-in hybrid.


BMW is making enhancements to the 2016 3 Series model range, but the biggest news from the Bavarian automaker is the launch of the 2016 BMW 330e. The 3 Series accounts for around 25 percent of total BMW worldwide vehicle sales making it the brand’s most successful model line with over 14 million sales globally. BMW is launching the new 2016 BMW 330e plug-in hybrid and released a few details last week.

BMW 330e Plug-in Hybrid

BMW says the new 2016 330e will be powered by a plug-in hybrid drive system and will have a combined output of around 250 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque (preliminary). The German automaker expects the new plug-in hybrid to have a 0-60 sprint time of approximately 6.1 (preliminary) and a top speed of 140 mph (preliminary). This sounds conservative because the current 240hp 3 Series 328i Sedan will launch from 0-60 in 5.8 seconds. BMW claims the new 2016 330e will be capable of traveling up to 22 miles in all-electric mode and therefore with zero local emissions.

Watch the video below for a look at the new 3 Series plug-in hybrid.

The new 2016 BMW 3 Series gets a new 6-cylinder gasoline powerplant that will be featured in the 340i. It’s the first BMW to be powered by the B58 from the new modular BMW EfficientDynamics engine family. The engine is lightweight and is an all-all-aluminum unit and more.

Like all new 2016 BMW 3 series, the 330e will be upgraded with chassis improvements encompassing new front struts, new rear damper technology and redesigned electric power steering to enhance overall vehicle dynamics. The new pug-in hybrid will also come with a sportier front end design with newly designed headlights with optional full-LED headlights. The rear also gets upgrades with LED tail lights and new design lines.

BMW did not release pricing or launch information on the new 2016 BMW 330e plug-in hybrid. Stay tuned.