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Is A New 420hp BMW M2 CSL In the Works?

Is a new higher-performance BMW M2 in the works? How about an M2 CSL.

After spending a week with the new BMW M2 coupe, it would be scary fast with even more power under the hood. According to German Auto Bild, BMW may be building a higher-performance BMW M2 CSL. It will still be powered by the 3.0-liter inline six, but it could conceivably get up to 420 horsepower with additional internal upgrades. An additional 50hp would ramp up the fun-to-drive meter beyond anyone’s expectations.

The rear drive high-performance M2 CSL will get the 6-speed manual and possibly the dual-clutch transmission. Not only will the new M2 get more horsepower, it will also get lighter which will make it even faster around the Nurburgring.

M2 CSL will be lighter

The report says BMW M GmbH engineers will take out some of the sound-deadening material and get rid of the rear seat to loose valuable weight. It will also make use of carbon fiber body panels to shed even more pounds. It could also get a new body kit and a larger wing for stability at the super high speeds the M2 CSL would be capable of.

BMW first used the CSL name plate on the 1975 3.0 CSL Coupe, and was designed to pay homage to the Group 2 motorsport cars. The name has been used on lightweight versions of the BMW M3, and has never been used on a 2 Series model. But that could be changing soon.

It could be coming soon

Performance enthusiasts could see the first BMW M2 CSL at a one of the major Auto Shows next year, possibly, Frankfurt, New York, or LA. It would likely go into production shortly after and be a limited-production special edition model. This M2 will be a lot harder to get a hold of than the current model.

Source: Auto Bild

Image source: BMW