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Mercedes SLS AMG GT / C63 AMG Estate ensure safe F1 race

Drivers at the 2013 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix will feel safe this weekend as the 2013 Mercedes SLS AMG GT and C 63 AMG Estate will ensure safety in the F1 race.

Providing safety at the Formula 1 races is not new for Mercedes-AMG, the performance brand of the German automaker. AMG has been ensuring safety at all Formula 1 races for the past 18 years by providing the Official F1 Safety Car and the Official F1 Medical Car. This year is no different and Mercedes-AMG will roll out the Mercedes SLS AMG GT as the official safety car and the C 63 AMG Estate will be the official F1 Medical Car. The new season started last weekend at the 2013 Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, Australia.

How does Mercedes use the SLS AMG GT to ensure that the F1 race season will be the safest ever? This weekend in Malaysia, the two AMG cars will be deployed at the direction of Race Control officials when the weather or accidents are considered to have a direct impact on the safety of a race. The second race of the season will be the 2013 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix and is taking place this weekend. Both cars will be on hand to provide safety and medical assistance when its needed. And both AMG sports cars can get there quickly if needed.

The SLS AMG GT gets quicker

The new 2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG got a new GT added to its name and comes with improvements to match. It gets an additional 20 horsepower and suspension improvements that have made a big difference. Peak horsepower is now 583 from the previous 563 with torque remaining at 479 lb. ft. Mercedes-AMG was able to achieve the additional horsepower through an increase in compression and internal dethrottling measures. Last year, the SLS AMG GT turned in a lap time on the Nurburgring of just under 7:30. That speed makes it the perfect sports car to provide safety for the F1 races.

The 6.3-liter V-8 is mated to a seven-speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT dual-clutch transmission located on the rear axle that has been recalibrated for more direct shifts when in "M" manual mode. Engineers were able to develop a new gear change logic and optimized transmission control, to shorten the shift time required during shifts. The GT also gets a new AMG Adaptive Performance Suspension setup.The additional horsepower, alloy paddle shifters and suspension changes make it the quickest safety car AMG has ever produced. The car comes with a roof light bar which is the only visual difference between this car and one parked in a buyers garage.

The C 63 AMG Estate is one quick wagon

Mercedes-AMG also provides the Official F1 Medical Car and they use the C 63 AMG Estate and has been they car of choice since 2008. The power is supplied by a 6.3-liter V8 engine and delivers an output of 358 kW (487 hp). High performance is ensured by the variable coil-over suspension, the AMG high-performance braking system, AMG light-alloy wheels with 235/35 R19 performance tires (front) and 255/30 R19 (rear), the differential lock and 3-stage ESP.

The C 63 AMG Estate is ready at all times to ensure a rapid emergency response in the event of an accident on the track. The Medical Car follows the Formula 1 field during the initial lap, as the race cars are bunched closely together during this critical phase of the race.

The 485-liter luggage area of the high-performance Estate is loaded with emergency equipment, which includes a defibrillator and respiration apparatus along with all the medical gear needed in case of an accident. The sport wagon
also has the light bar on the roof, the FIA and F1 logos, the stroboscopic LED lights at the front and rear, and the rear number plate illuminated with LEDs and with "Medical Car" lettering.

18 years of Safety Cars and Medical Cars from Mercedes-AMG

Mercedes-AMG has extensive experience in the design, development and deployment of the Mercedes SLS AMG GT Official F1 Safety Car and C 63 AMG Estate Official F1 Medical Car. The Affalterbach-based Mercedes-AMG has been active in the top echelons of international motorsport since 1996.