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Landmark 10 millionth BMW 3 Series goes to unusual destination

The 10 millionth BMW 3 Series Sedan has been delivered to its new owner. Who bought the landmark 10 millionth 2016 BMW 3 Series?

You would think that a landmark vehicle like the 10 millionth BMW 3 Series Sedan would get special treatment and be sold as a collector car to some wealthy individual for his collection. A new Imperial Blue 2016 BMW 3 Series rolled off the assembly line in Germany this month and the car is going to a driving school in Eichstatt.

The new owner, Xaver Bittl who owns the driving school, took delivery of the BMW 320d at BMW Welt. The landmark 2016 3 Series did get some special treatment as factory workers who helped make the vehicle were also there to greet the customer and his family, holding up huge numbers to let the unsuspecting new owner know that his BMW 320d was the ten-millionth of its type.

Bittl, who owns the driving school in Eichstatt, has been a BMW customer for many years, and wanted to take delivery at BMW Welt which is always a special experience. BMW made it even more special when Hermann Bohrer, Head of the BMW Group plant in Munich, and Helmut Kas, Head of BMW Welt Munich, were there to congratulate the lucky owner. "The handover of the ten-millionth BMW 3 Series Sedan is a special occasion for the company. We are delighted to have been able to provide the ideal setting for such an exclusive event“, said Helmut Kas.

The landmark 10 millionth 2016 BMW 3 Series Sedan won’t be going to a collector’s climate-controlled facility, it will be driven as any other BMW at the driving school in Eichstatt, Germany. It’s surprising that BMW doesn’t put this 3 Series in their own museum to mark the landmark model.

Media source: BMW Global