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It Would be a Shame for the Kids and Family Dog to Destroy this Ultra-Exclusive 2018 Outback

Subaru UK announces a very limited run Black and Ivory 2018 Subaru Outback. It would be criminal to let the kids and dog destroy this beautiful interior.

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If you like black and white, you’ll love the new 2018 Subaru Outback announced for the UK market. It won’t be sold in the U.S., or anywhere else around the globe, and it’s ultra exclusive. Subaru is only producing a few of these limited run models with only 50 example making it to UK showrooms.

We aren’t sure why Subaru decided to produce so few of the Black and Ivory Outbacks, but if you want one you’ll need to act fast. The 2018 limited run Outback comes with Crystal Back Silica paint on the exterior and the interior is equipped with Ivory leather, making the limited spec wagon an eye-catching contrast of black and white.

This one could be worth getting and keeping pristine. It will be a one-of-its-kind at Subie car shows in a few years and will draw lots of attention with fans for sure. It would be a shame to see this gorgeous interior destroyed by the kids and family dog.


In the UK, the Outback is popular and recently won two Silver Driver Power awards for best family car, and another for practicality and cargo space. It was edged out by the popular Forester SUV for a Top-10 in the Best Car to Own in the UK’s #1 car ownership survey.

The limited run of 50 of these special Black and Ivory 2018 Subaru Outbacks are available in gas or Diesel and priced at 35,545 British Pounds for the Diesel 2.0D SE Premium Lineartronic and 33,545 for the gas-powered 2.5i SE Premium Lineartronic. They will be available from September 1, so get your order in now if you live in the UK. Keep it nice, and it will be a real show-stopper at the Subaru International Drivers Club events.

Photo credit: Subaru UK

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