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How You Get Retrofitted Adrenaline For the BMW M2 [Video]

How do you make the BMW M2 better? BMW M Performance has some ideas.

Is the BMW M2 fast enough? BMW M Performance offers more retrofitted adrenaline for speed junkies. The M2 is fast from the factory. Now it will look good and go faster too. BMW M has introduced their M Performance Parts for the new coupe and the video below shows it looks good and sounds good too. Are the new BMW M Performance Parts more than for visual appeal?

Watch M Performance Parts for the BMW M2 Coupe video

New M2 Performance Parts

The new M2 Coupe gets a number of M Performance Parts to compliment the cars exterior and interior. These new parts will set it apart from other M2s on the road. Outside the new parts feature a Flap silencer system, Front splitter in carbon fiber, carbon fiber Side skirt extensions, carbon fiber Rear diffuser and carbon fiber Tailpipe trim. Other exterior upgrades include a Black kidney grille, Motorsport stripes, a carbon fiber Rear spoiler, Black air breathers and carbon fiber Mirror caps.

Inside it comes with a Steering wheel pro alcantara, carbon fiber Gear selector, center console and handbrake handle, and LED door sill cover strips. Other options inside include M Performance floor mats and stainless steel pedal covers.

Retrofitted adrenaline for speed junkies

Two new options from M Performance Parts are for more than just visual appeal. Performance enthusiasts who want additional performance on the track can get the coil-spring suspension to optimize road holding and handling. It lowers the suspension by at least five millimeters compared to the standard suspension. It can also be adjusted to lower it even more, up to 20 millimeters. The shocks can also be adjusted to 16 levels in the rebound stage and 12 in the compression stage. This reduces the pitch and roll movements of the vehicle superstructure producing more driver feedback.

The other option for the BMW M2 Coupe is the M Performance sports brake pads. They offer increased suitability for the race track as well as enhanced active safety. BMW says they are derived from motorsports and have a particularly high resistance to thermal stress and have fading resistance tendencies under extreme use. They also offer an improved, more direct response as compared to the standard brake system. M Performance Parts are available for adrenaline junkies now. They look good, sound good and boost adrenaline levels too.

Source: BMW

Image source: BMW


Nic Kirk (not verified)    November 18, 2019 - 4:20PM

I found a half of an electronic part called "M Performance Retrofitted Adrenaline" on the wrist strap. I do not know what it is for except something for a BMW. I do not know whose it is but would like to return it. Tucson Arizona's Greek Orthodox festival is where I found it. Probably by now the owner has replaced it but I still would like to return it rather than throw it away. Any ideas for me?