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How to win free use of 2014 Mercedes CLA for three years [video]

Five Instagram all-star photographers will go head-to-head to win free use of the new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA Class. Consumers can win a free CLA too.

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Would you like to win an all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA four-door coupe to drive free for three years? Here is your chance. Mercedes is about to launch the eagerly anticipated CLA around the globe and is giving five of Instagram's all-star photographers a ride in the CLA to promote the “Take the Wheel” event. The five photographers will get behind the wheel of the soon-to-arrive Mercedes-Benz CLA from July 18 to August 23, 2013. What is the Instagram challenge about?

Mercedes “Take the Wheel” brings together some of Instagram's most influential photographers who will be driving the 2014 Mercedes CLA . They include: Paul Octavious (432,000 followers), Tim Landis (523,000 followers), Michael O’Neal (487,000 followers); Alice Gao (538,000 followers); and Chris Ozer (503,000 followers). The one who gets the most “likes” will win free use of the car for three years.
The five “influencers” will document and share their driving experiences in the sporty new CLA in a series of consecutive five-day road trips across the U.S. They will be posting photos and videos to Instagram during their drives.

Win free use of the new CLA

But you can get in on the action too. Consumers will also get the chance to win free use of the new CLA for three years. By visiting a special website, participants can submit their Instagram handles and their feeds will instantly become entry portfolios in the contest. The five photographers will select one of these Instagrammers who will get to take their very own road trip in the CLA. The winner will get to drive the new 2014 CLA free for three years.

The new CLA is called the “Style Rebel” and will be the lead model in what the brand looks like and has to offer going into the future. Mercedes is attracting a new generation of buyers who have never purchased the brand before and is using social media like Instagram to build a following.

The all-new CLA Class establishes a new segment for Mercedes and they are marketing the new car in unique ways. Bernie Glaser, vice president of marketing at Mercedes-Benz USA says, "What makes this unique is that, unlike most of the other Instagram initiatives, we're not looking to push a marketing message out through the platform. Instead we're utilizing Instagram in a more holistic way, as visual storytelling and interpreting the CLA."

Here is your chance to win free use of the all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA. Fans can follow the action or enter to win beginning now by visiting

Watch Take the Wheel -- Mercedes-Benz CLA video.

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