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How Subaru’s successful run started 14 years ago

Subaru has sponsored the Philadelphia Flower Show for the 14th consecutive year. They bring the 2015 Outback, 2015 XV Crosstrek and 2015 Forester to the show.


To most people, Subaru’s successful run looks like the automaker has been an overnight success. Subaru of America has achieved six consecutive years of record sales, and become the only manufacturer in the U.S. to post seven consecutive years of sales growth. This is the result of grass roots sponsorship of events like the Philadelphia Flower Show that they have been involved with for the 14th consecutive year.

Being involved in shows like the Philadelphia Flower Show help Subaru put their brand in front of thousands of like minded people who are concerned about the environment. According to Thomas J. Doll, president and chief operating officer, Subaru of America, Inc., one of Subaru’s corporate goals is to improve the environment and the lives of those in the local communities where we live and work.

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More to Subaru than automobiles

Subaru will be involved in three different exhibits at the show with their 2015 Outback, 2015 XV Crosstrek and 2015 Forester and will bring awareness not only to their cars and how they are ideal for transporting soil, flowers and other gardening supplies, but will learn the importance of bees and preserving their environment. Visitors to the show will also learn how to attract migrating birds to their backyard and learn to make bird feeders and nesting houses.

Subaru's Love Promise

Visitors to the Philadelphia Flower Show will also learn new DIY projects including how to naturalize their back yard to help preserve the earth’s resources along with garden educational seminars throughout the week. The attendees will learn about Subaru’s commitment to communities through the Subaru Love Promise and Subaru Loves the Earth initiatives where the automaker has donated more than 50 million dollars to causes the visitors care about.

Subaru's commitment to the environment

By working with a diverse range of organizations, Subaru has been able to help make the world a better place and let consumers know about their lineup of fuel-efficient vehicles and eco-friendly plants. In 2004, Subaru’s plant in Indiana became the first manufacturing facility in the U.S. to reach zero-landfill status. All Subaru vehicles are built in zero-landfill plants, where 100% of manufacturing waste is either recycled or turned into electricity.

Subaru’s long history with the Philadelphia Flower Show is just one example of what Subaru is doing to help improve the environment and the lives of those in the local communities where they live and work. It’s a corporate goal that runs deep with the brand and consumers are responding in a big way by buying vehicles like the 2015 Subaru Outback, 2015 XV Crosstrek and 2015 Forester.