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How a Subaru Outback Can Double as Your Crib Until You Score a Job

Are you in need of a place to stay while looking for a job? This intern lived in his Subaru Outback for 40 days.

If you need a place to stay while looking for a job, the Subaru Outback can double as your crib. That’s what Levi Joseph did after he scored an internship with a manufacturing firm in Seattle. According to a story by the Business Insider, the young college student waited too long to find a place to stay, and was left homeless. His Subaru Outback wagon came in handy for 40 days when he was without housing.

Levi’s only options were to spend over $1,000 per month which was well beyond his housing budget. The 22-year-old got creative and booked a camping spot in a through Airbnb for about $600. It was a better option than finding a park where he would be likely be told to leave. So he lived out of his Outback wagon at the campsite.

What prompted him to do it?

Joseph told Business Insider, ”I had lived in my car for three weeks on a climbing and fishing trip two summers ago, but it was more camping next to it. I didn't have business suits and things. It was more 'college guy living in his car' versus 'professional guy keeping his stuff clean.”

How he managed to stay looking professional

Looking professional was a challenge, but the campsite came complete with a full bathroom. He also joined a local rock-climbing gym for $56 a month and was able to use their showers every morning. He could also use their free Wifi and outlets. "I had a small iron I'd plug in at the gym discreetly, when no one was around, and iron some clothes," he said.

Joseph did spent more money than expected throughout his Subaru residency. He found out his corporate office had a dry cleaning service on site and was able to keep his clothes from looking like he was living in his car. But it was his trusty Subaru Outback that provided a place to stay while he worked as an intern and he saved money in the long run. Luckily, he didn’t have a problem with bears breaking into his wagon at the campsite looking for food.

Source: Business Insider

Image source: Subaru