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Watch Bear Trash Interior of a Subaru Outback After It Gets Locked Inside

Evergreen, Colorado is known for black bears and people who drive Subaru Outbacks. It’s not a good combination when the two mix.

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Yesterday, Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies freed a young black bear that found its way into the small unlocked Subaru Outback SUV. There was probably food inside and the bear smelled an easy breakfast. Once the animal got inside the car, the door shut and the bear was trapped. All the windows were up and the bear totally destroyed the interior of the Subaru as it tried to get out.

The incident was caught on a cell phone video around 9 a.m. Tuesday as the bear was trying to free itself. Mark Techmeyer, spokesman for the Jeffco sheriff’s office, said two deputies responded and tried initially to free the medium-sized bear with a remote trunk opener. When that didn’t work, they opened the rear hatch by hand and freed the anxious bear while the other stood by with a shotgun. “Deputies finally got it out of there and warned all the campers of active bear activity,” Techmeyer said.

The incident occurred near a small campground in Evergreen. It’s not uncommon for bears in the area, who smell food inside a car, to figure out how to pull up the door handle and open the door. The animals are hungry and it’s easy pickings once they get inside. This time, the bear somehow got locked inside and trashed the Subaru Outback trying to get back out.

Bear encounters are not unusual near the mountain town west of Denver. But this one was different than most. The owner of the Subaru Outback likely wasn’t too happy when they saw what the bear had done to their car. “I’m sure the owner of the car is pretty upset,” Techmeyer said. “But what do you do?”

Watch Deputies free bear stuck in car video.

Source: Jeffco Sheriff

Image source: Jeffco Sheriff

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