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How Subaru attracts a younger buyer with new XV Crosstrek

Subaru Australia has announced a new 2015 Special Edition XV model. How is Subaru attracting more new buyers with XV?

Subaru has announced a new 2015 Sunshine Yellow XV Special Edition to coincide with the recent 2015 XV range launch and price revision. What could be better for consumers than a new special edition model and a price cut? That’s what buyers in Australia can get with the new 2015 Subaru XV multi-purpose crossover. Subaru AU has announced a new Special Edition 2015 Sunshine Yellow XV to coincide with the recent 2015 XV range launch and price revision.

Back in January, Subaru Australia slashed $750 from the price of the XV, and now they are cutting another $1250 making the entry-level XV 2.0i all-wheel-drive crossover $2000 cheaper than it was in December with a new price of $26,490 plus on-road costs.

Australia will only get 200 examples of the new Special Edition Sunshine Yellow 2.0i CVT. It comes with black interior, adds heated leather trim front seats and leather trim shift and steering wheel. It also features embroidered carpet mats with orange stitching to match the unique seat, steering wheel and armrest stitching. Subaru Managing Director, Nick Senior, said: “With a limited run of only 200 vehicles the long term value of this particular XV is likely to be very, very strong.”

This pricing realignment has already been seen in Subaru’s other multi-purpose vehicles with prices cuts in the 2015 Forester and Impreza. Senior, said: “The XV has always been a great value for money story. This move takes that value for money platform to more.

Subaru attracts younger buyers with XV

Subaru has been attracting record number of new buyers to the brand at a 60 percent clip in some markets. Part of the reason is the new colors that Subaru uses on the XV crossover. Senior went on to say, “Unique colors have been an inherent part of the XV range since launch.

Subaru uses unique colors on the new XV like Tangerine Orange Pearl, Desert Khaki and now the new Sunshine Yellow. These are colors that are attracting a younger more active buyer to the brand. Senior says, “A much-copied orange, a vibrant green and now a stand-out yellow. These colors have proven to be popular with our younger XV buyers, and they also have broad appeal.”

Subaru is promoting the go-anywhere independent attitude of their vehicles, and their ability to provide safe transportation and it’s appealing to younger buyers with active lifestyles. VX keeps the focus on Subaru’s niche market that made the brand successful in the past.

In the U.S., there’s an estimated 80 million millennials (age 25-34) and Subaru estimates 6 million of those fit their target demographic to buy their multi-use vehicles like the XV Crosstrek. “So, why, would the company need to shift its focus away from them? A company executive stated at the LA Auto show in November.

Subaru appeals to these younger millennial buyers with sporty models like the 2015 XV that sports new colors like Sunshine Yellow, Tangerine Orange Pearl, Desert Khaki. Subaru doesn’t expect the 2015 Special Edition XV model to last long. Senior says, “It is competitively priced and comprehensively equipped with the inclusion of leather trim interior and heated seats over the entry level. We don’t envisage these will last long.”


Carl (not verified)    May 13, 2015 - 1:38PM

I've had people comment they'd like to see that yellow on the WRX as well. It's not MY first choice, but it looks pretty good. (And is definitely better than the plasma green...)