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How Mercedes uses Instagram to brilliantly sell new 2014 CLA-Class

Mercedes-Benz is brilliant when it comes to marketing the new 2014 CLA-Class. What are they doing to attract new buyers to the brand?

Mercedes-Benz can’t keep the all-new 2014 CLA-Class on dealer lots. How are they attracting so many new buyers to the brand? They are using social media better than any other automaker on the planet. In fact, they use social media better than most global companies. Only Disney is better at using Facebook than Mercedes. And Mercedes is using Instagram in a big way to get millennials involved.

Mercedes just launched a new campaign in the UK to get more millennials involved with the new 2014 CLA-Class four-door coupe luxury compact. Mercedes-Benz UK is inviting budding Instagram filmmakers to help direct the #CLAstory. Mercedes has created a new film and asks their fans to supply their vision of scene 2. If the scene makes the final cut, they could be chosen to direct their own Mercedes-Benz film with the CLA AMG Sport, starring James Corden.

No automaker has ever done anything like this and its drawing in many younger creative minds who love the challenge. Mercedes is using the popular social media Instagram to in this industry-leading endeavor. The socially-sourced Instagram film created and directed by you is the source.

Here’s how you enter the contest. You direct the action to determine what happens next in the #CLAstory. Simply connect through Instagram to submit your scene entry. The winning scenes will be uploaded on the storyboard and open to a public vote to select an overall winner.

What are the prizes? Submit your scene idea to be in with a chance to win. The grand prize also includes a Canon 6D Digital SLR with a 24-105mm lens and a chance to drive a CLA AMG Sport for a week. The winners of each scene also receive a GoPro.

Mercedes-Benz is brilliant in how they are using social media to attract a new generation of buyers to the brand. The all-new 2014 Mercedes CLA-Class is the perfect car to help this younger generation to the Mercedes brand. You can enter the contest by going to the CLAstory website. Do you have the perfect Instagram video for one of the scenes?

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