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How BMW used Periscope to brilliantly market the new M2

BMW created a launch campaign for the M2 on Periscope at their test track. Why was this brilliant marketing by BMW?

BMW created a launch campaign for the M2 unlike anything in automotive history. On October 12, 2015, an Instagram handle was hidden in the camouflage on the front bumper of the M2 that was revealed in teasers. M2 enthusiasts spotted the handle and found the secret Instagram account that remained camouflaged until the reveal.

On October 13 minutes after BMW officially announced the launch of the new M2, the live reveal of the newest M car began on Periscope. Enthusiasts got the first look of the M2 on the track in action at the BMW M driving center in Spartanburg. BMW says it reached over 5,000 viewers for the 10 minute live reveal. Watch the BMW M2 Live Launch video.

According to BMW, the campaign has been not only a first, but also a huge success attracting over 48,000 social engagements, 16.6 million total campaign impressions and over 3,000 new Periscope followers. Twitter says it was “The best auto product reveal we have ever seen on Periscope.” Viewers also had a chance to enter to win a day on the track with the new M2 Coupe.

BMW has brilliantly used social media to get the attention of a new generation of performance enthusiasts by connecting with the brand’s new demographic. Performance enthusiasts will be able to see the new 2016 BMW M2 at the Detroit Auto Show on January 11, 2016. The dealer launch will begin in April 2016.