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How 6 Year-Old Henry Marr Is Saving the Planet [Video]

It only takes one 6 year-old boy to help save the planet. What is Henry Marr doing about it?


The save-the-planet revolution is being taught in our schools around the globe and it’s literally bringing young kids to tears. In Mount Vernon, Washington, Six-year old Henry Marr cried after he watched a video at school about pollution.

Henry was so upset, the 6 year-old broke down in the car when his mom picked him up from school. Allie Hall, Henry's mom, caught it all with her cell phone and then posted a video on Facebook. Since then, it went viral and received millions of views.

Henry has even written a book called "Enjoy the Planet, Don't Wreck It.”, and he also “patrols” the neighborhood park, Littler Mountain Park, where he lives, picking up litter and watching out for those not taking care of the planet. If he catches you, he lets others know. If he sees a "naughty person" he blows his whistle.

Nissan caught wind of the story and decided to get some promotional traction from Henry’s story. That gave the Marr family a new Nissan LEAF to drive for free. Nissan wrapped the LEAF in Henry's own artwork and delivered the car to his home.

Watch Henry's reaction to the car and his moms video of him below

Source: Nissan

Image: Nissan USA


JOHN MATTHEWS (not verified)    May 19, 2017 - 5:52PM


I hate it when people drops litter then tells be to pick it up

I find a bin

from John