2017-2019 Honda CR-V class-action lawsuit, windshield, display screen
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Honda Is Slapped With Two New CR-V Lawsuits Over Structural And Display Screen Defects

The 2017-2019 model year Honda CR-V is under fire and the automaker gets hit with two lawsuits against the small SUV. Are you having these problems with your CR-V?

American Honda has just been slapped with two different lawsuits against the CR-V Compact SUV. Both lawsuits were filed recently and are for two different issues. The first call-action lawsuit brought against the Japanese automaker is over a possible structural defect, and the second is over display screen malfunction issues. Both complaints come from owners of the 2017-2019 Honda CR-V.

The first lawsuit was filed on October 25 in the Illinois district court claiming a structural defect led to a spontaneous break in the windshield on a Honda CR-V. The plaintiff, Hakeem Hasan represented by Timothy P. Kingsbury, an attorney with McGuire Law in Chicago, Illinois says the Honda warranty administrator had acknowledged the crack was due to a structural defect and not external impact and Honda subsequently allegedly refused to repair the windshield.

2017-2019 Honda CR-V

Hasan says he’s not the only owner who has experienced a structural defect in his Honda CR-V windshield. The court document contained several online complaints from owners of 2017-2019 Honda CR-V SUVs with less than 36,000 miles on them. The lawsuit claims it’s more than an inconvenience and says it’s a severe safety issue and extensive costs are involved with the structural defect.

The issue in the windshield involves the Honda Sensing safety system that uses sensors that can “operate abnormally” if scratches, nicks or other damage are present on the windshield. The lawsuit claims even though dealers know of the defects, they continue to sell the Honda CR-V models with no warning to customers before they purchase them.

2017-2019 Honda CR-V infotainment screen

The second lawsuit alleges the infotainment display screen on 2017-2019 Honda CR-V models will freeze, go dark, blind drivers by going into a full bright mode and cause dangerous distractions to drivers. Three plaintiffs represented by Lemberg Law, LLC, have filed the class-action lawsuit against American Honda and claim the brightness controls on the center display unit get bright and will go back down without anyone touching the controls.

The plaintiffs say Honda dealers have not been able to fix the problem and Honda allegedly has known about the display screen problems since January 2019 when it issued a Tech Line to dealerships entitled, “Display Audio Screen Dims or Goes Dark by Itself.”

Although American Honda told dealer employees about the infotainment display screen problems, the lawsuit alleges consumers haven't been warned about the screens and says Honda has no idea how to repair the problems.

What should 2017-2019 Honda CR-V owners do if they have experienced these problems? You can contact McGuire Law for the windshield issue and Lemberg Law, LLC for the infotainment display screen issue.

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Add these new issues to the previous concerns of the oil-gas dilution with the 1.5T engine, and the phantom battery drain issue in the 2017. Not sure how Honda can keep selling these things in the volumes they do to the unsuspecting public, as they are clearly living off the brand reputation from years ago.
Honda has dropped the ball big time with this Honda CRV ... I own a 2018 and the gas in oil problem is huge ... oil needs changing every 1000. -2000 mikes and REEKS of gas ... when we purchased we were told we could go 7000 to 8000 Miles between oil changes ... what a joke I have 30,000 miles on this vehicle and doubt the engine will ever hold up under this issue...., HUGE problem that Honda ignores it and CONTINUES to sell to unsuspecting buyers.... makes me seriously sick!
I don't own a CR-V, but was very close to buying it until the OGD was starting to come out. The scariest thing to me is that Honda continues to sell this same engine, without ever addressing the issue. Not sure why NHTSA is not involved, other than as far as we know, nobody's car has burst into flames yet, but with so much gas in with the oil, it is high risk to do that.
I agree 100% about oil /gas dilution. I’m very dis satisfied with my 2918 crv Honda. Honda dealership skins with corporation should compensate , us.
Too bad Honda Canada pretends there is no issue with the windshield, and puts the blame on the customer instead. This will be my last Honda product
Hey Craig - Honda Canada also deny any issues with the Infotainment System yet I have video of the exact problem described in the Honda USA Technical Service Bulletin. Honda? Never again. Wish I could join the class-action lawsuit in the USA.
Hi, James! Are we not able to get in on the US lawsuit? Im having the issue on a 2019 CRV but also had this issue with my last car which was a 2016 issue. Thank you.
They also deny the problem with the Infotainment system, documented in a TSB exists in Canada, Video of my system misbehaving tells another story. #NEVERHONDAAGAIN
I have a 2020 Honda CR-V with less than 500 miles on it and the screen is blacking out, discoloration of the screen. I’ve had the car for 5 days, the problems started within 24 hours of taking the car off the lot
I have bought 7 Hondas in 21 years dealing with the same dealer. At one point we had 4 Hondas in the driveway, we currently still have the 2008 CR-V and a 2017 CR-V Touring. Both cars belonged to my wife, I traded in my 2011 “Black Edition” Accord for her 2017 CR-V. This 2017 as had more recalls than the 2008 CR-V, one recall has turned the automatic climate control to manual control. Just out of warranty the panoramic roof sun shade decided to let go, as it’s under spring tension and shot back into the headliner. Now we purchased 7 year extended warranty, not covered the dealer explained. Now the dealer did go to bat for us and got it covered, still another issue. The newest one is the automatic headlights can’t decide is its a car or a sign so the headlights are constantly changing or not changing when a car does approach. My wife wanted back the 2008 CR-V after the first year of owning the 2017 as she felt the 2008 was a more solid car. Well guess what the 2008 just failed the frame recall, car has been religiously Crown Rust treated every year since new. Under body washed every spring and re-sprayed. After 13 years the car still looks good no body rust anywhere, all the options and accessories still work like new. Honda wants to buy the car back at market value with 15% added to the market value for the inconvenience of losing a car that you had no plan of replacing for another 3 to 5 years depending on how it is looking and costing at that time. Honda should take a look at how Mazda or Toyota handled their customers frame recalls. This 2017 will be leaving the family and that will be the last Honda we own, nor will i recommend that brand again
Going through a horrible attached garage and house fire. Fire Inspector says fire started under the 2008 HONDA CRV. This happened June 29, 2021. I had it a year. Anyone else? Did you contact Honda?