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Honda Dealer Gives Great Customer Service By Fixing Accord Paint Peeling Problem

Some Honda Accord models have a paint peeling issue but here’s a follow up story about a dealer who goes way beyond in customer service.

Torque News reported in July Honda is having peeling paint issues on some new 2018 Honda Accords, HR-V, and Fit models. This is a cool follow up story to what a Honda dealer did to give great customer service. Honda has received bad publicity about the peeling paint issue and one dealer said he wanted to make things right even though it wasn’t his customer.

The report first came from ABC News saying Buckly Underwood who owns a 2018 Honda Accord said just three months after buying the new Accord sedan the clear coat and paint started peeling. Underwood took his car to the Honda dealer where he bought it they told him to talk to American Honda. Corporate told him the paint was not covered under the new car warranty and the paint peeling was the result of tree sap, bird droppings, and the rain.

Honda Accord paint peeling issue

The story ran in July and that’s when Tim Roussell with Bryan Honda in Fayetteville saw the story. Roussell reached out to ABC 11 News and told the reporter he wanted to make it right for Underwood, even though he was not his customer.

Underwood was contacted a took his car to Bryan Honda and the team got to work marking the paint spots that needed to be fixed and sent it to their paints shop, stripped-down Underwood's car and repainted it free of charge. Underwood who thought he would have to pay to fix it himself was pleased with the new paint.

Honda Accord

If you are experiencing paint issues on your new Honda, take your car to the dealer immediately and report the problem and make sure you get written documentation to what they will or won’t do so you have a record in writing. Contact American Honda Customer Service and report the problem to them.

Have them send you documentation in writing also. Take as many pictures as possible and take a video of the paint peeling issues with your iPhone. You should also file a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at

"A good dealer has to protect the integrity of a brand, and that's what we do for a living, and anytime we hear about these things, someone has to step up," Roussell said.

Not only did Bryan Honda fix Underwood’s Honda Accord, but they also repainted another Fayetteville customer's car who was having the same issue. This dealer shows what providing great customer service is about, and goes the extra mile when it wasn’t even their customer.

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Photo Credit: Honda USA, Christian S via Honda USA