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Thieves Are Targeting Your New Honda Accord And Want The Airbag

Car thieves don’t want your new Honda Accord, but they want the airbag. See why your Accord could be a target.


A report from Boston 25 News says thieves are targeting airbags in Honda Accord models and it seems to be a widespread problem around the U.S. and not just in Massachusetts. The report says a Boston area resident, Gladys Robbins had her husband’s new Honda Accord window smashed and thieves took the driver’s side airbag. "And he looked in and somebody had swiped the airbag," she said. 

Thieves are selling the Honda Accord airbags on the black market and getting good money for them according to USA Today. We are guessing it’s because of how popular Honda Accords are, and because of the back-log of these parts because of the lack of supply because of the massive Takata Honda airbag recall.

2020 Honda Accord

According to the Medford Police, this type of theft is becoming more common and not just in the Boston area. "We have seen a rash of car break-ins that target the theft of 'safety airbags,' which are part of the passenger restraint system. Those cars that have been targeted (most) are Honda Accords," said Medford Police Lt. Paul Covino. 

Police say thieves mostly hit cars overnight that are parked outside and are the easiest targets. They just break the driver’s side window, reach in and cut the airbag out of the steering wheel. Police around the country say it takes thieves less than a minute to pull off the Honda Accord airbag theft. They are gone before anyone has heard anything.

Honda Accord

Apparently, this is an issue around the country and it’s been happening for quite a while and it's not a new problem with the Honda Accord. Robbins says her husband's older Honda Accord was also targeted and the airbag was stolen. 

Your insurance will cover the replacement if you have full coverage, but you will be out the deductible. The average cost of a new Honda Accord airbag runs about $2000 and then it needs to be installed and you have to schedule the repairs.

Avoid parking on the street

The best deterrent is to park your car inside overnight. If you don’t have a garage or a place to park it inside, you could be a target to have your new Honda Accord airbag stolen. If you know someone with a Honda Accord, please share this story with them.

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