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Gorgeous Moonstone 2015 BMW M4 gets lowered by EAS

This beautiful 2015 BMW M4 gets lowered by European Auto Source. How do you take a good looking car and make it look even better?


Leave it up to the guys at European Auto Source (EAS) to take a gorgeous car and make it even better. The owner brought this Moonstone Metallic 2015 BMW M4 Convertible right over from the dealer and EAS put on a set of H&R Sport Lowering Springs which gives the car a very special appearance.

It doesn’t take much to change the appearance of the M4 and give it a more aggressive look. EAS installed the new set of springs that lowered the front and rear of the car by 1 inch. EAS says the kit is ideal for street use. It won’t cost an arm and leg to get this look on the M4 either. The cost of the H&R Sport Lowering Springs is a modest $249 not including installation by EAS.

H&R Sport Lowering Springs offer more than just looks

EAS says these springs from H&R Sport are the most popular in H&R's lineup. They not only lower the overall vehicle height by one inch, but they also lower the vehicle’s center of gravity, which improves handling of the new M4.

California-based tuner, European Auto Source, is known for their expertise in engine swaps, and on April 1, they told fans they swapped the new turbo 6 cylinder for a naturally aspirated S65 V8 in the new BMW M4. Actually it was more.

H&R Sport Springs feature the handling characteristics and aggressive appearance but without the harsh ride of less-advanced spring systems. The Sport Springs feature more control than that of the OEM springs, and are engineered for the street, making them comfortable and fun to drive and are an excellent choice for occasional track use.

Take a look at some of the photos EAS shot during the installation and of the new 2015 BMW M4 Convertible. The full installation of the lowering kit can be viewed in the media gallery here.

Image source: European Auto Source