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Five new fuel-saving enhancements to look for on 2015 Subaru Outback

The all-new 2015 Subaru Outback gets unveiled at the New York International Auto Show with five new fuel-saving upgrades.

Subaru uncovered the all-new fifth generation 2015 Outback at NYIAS and it was the world’s first sport utility wagon (SUW). The new Outback comes with improved fuel mileage for the new-generation SUW with an improvement of 3 mpg over the outgoing model. How did Subaru pull it off? There are five new reasons.

Subaru engineers improved mileage on the new-gen 2015 Outback with these five new fuel-saving features that upgrade the new wagon significantly. Outback will see the biggest improvement for 2015 with a new Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission(CVT) upgrade. It’s been updated with the latest CVT technology.

For 2015, all Outback models will now come standard with the Lineartronic CVT, which features steering wheel paddle-shifters and is instrumental in the Outback’s significantly improved fuel economy. Changes made to reduce friction in the CVT contribute to higher fuel efficiency. Subaru has dropped the old five-speed automatic transmission and the five-speed standard gearbox is also gone.

Both 2.5i and 3.6R Limited will feature the CVT that includes a six-speed manual mode. But the new 3.6R will get a new CVT version that uses a high-torque system that helped the 3.6-liter six-cylinder get an increase in fuel mileage over the outgoing model.

Another fuel-saving upgrade comes in the form of a new Active Grille Shutter (AGS) system on the 2015 Outback 2.5i. The new system helps to improve fuel economy by reducing wind resistance when closed. At higher speeds, the new AGS system will automatically shut the grille vents to reduce wind resistance and make Outback slip through the wind easier.

Automakers are looking for any way to reduce vehicle weight to reduce fuel consumption, and the 2015 Outback gets lighter with the help of aluminum. A new aluminum hood reduces weight over the front wheels, which helps enhance steering response but also helps improve fuel economy.

The fourth fuel-saving upgrade comes in the 2015 Outback’s windshield. Subaru engineers raked the windshield by pulling it forward 2.0 in. at the base. The new windshield angle, higher seating hip points, new front partition windows and door-mounted side view mirrors help improve visibility, but the improved angle also helps improve fuel-efficiency by making Outback more aerodynamic.

Last but not least, Subaru Outback gets a new Electric Power-Assisted Steering system to help increase efficiency in all 2015 models. A new quick-ratio electric power-assisted steering not only delivers outstanding feel but it also helps reduce fuel consumption in the new-generation Outback.

The all-new 2015 Subaru Outback gets unveiled at the New York International Auto Show with these five new fuel-saving upgrades for better efficiency. Look for the 2015 Subaru Outback to begin arriving in U.S. Subaru dealer showrooms in summer 2014.

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