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Find Out Subaru’s 1-10 Year Repair Costs According To New Consumer Reports Data

How much does maintaining and repairing a 2023 Subaru Crosstrek, Outback, Forester, or another new model in the first five years cost? What are the 6-10 maintenance and repair costs? See how Subaru ranks with other automakers.

Is the 2023 Subaru Crosstrek, Outback, Forester, Ascent, and other models expensive to maintain? It’s common sense that maintenance costs will go up as a vehicle ages. According to a new study from Consumer Reports (by subscription), Subaru ranks 18th among 28 car brands.

A survey by Consumer Reports reveals Subaru’s 1-5 year cost to maintain and repair is $1,030. Subaru’s 6-10 year cost is $3,290. And Subaru’s total ten-year cost to repair and maintain is $4,320.

2023 Subaru repair and maintenance

CR says, “Using the annual survey data collected from thousands of Consumer Reports members, our analysts have determined the routine maintenance and repair costs for both brands and models at five years and ten years of ownership. That includes regular checkups, such as oil changes and tire rotations, and the cost to replace things like brakes, drive belts, and lightbulbs, which all eventually wear out as mileage piles on.”

CR says among gas-powered vehicles like Subaru, American, Japanese, and Korean non-luxury models tend to cost the least to maintain and repair.

How does Subaru compare with other Japanese automakers?

2023 Subaru repair and maintenance

Toyota ranks the lowest with a 1-5 year cost of ownership is $685, a 6-10 year cost to own is $2,290, and a total ten-year cost to own is $2,975. Mazda is next lowest with a 1-5 year cost of ownership is $910, a 6-10 year cost to own is $2,500, and a total ten-year cost to own is $3,410. Honda is third best with a 1-5 year cost of ownership is $975, a 6-10 year cost to own is $2,580, and a total ten-year cost to own is $3,555.

Subaru’s ten-year cost of ownership is lower than ten other car brands; Dodge ($$4,340), Infiniti ($4,510), Ram ($4,510), Acura ($4,525), Mini ($4,880), Volvo ($5,040), Audi ($5,895), BMW ($5,910), Mercedes-Benz ($6,955), and Porsche ($8,740).

Consumer Reports do not factor in a vehicle’s initial price, fuel efficiency, and insurance costs. Subaru models are among the most affordable, have the lowest insurance costs, and are fuel efficient.

Reliability plays an important role.

The Consumer Reports data reveals the Subaru brand is among the top 6 most-reliable automakers, with Toyota, Lincoln, Mazda, Honda, And Lexus scoring higher.

Another factor is depreciation.

One of the most significant factors is a vehicle’s depreciation costs. This is important when you trade in your car. For example, when you buy a 2023 Subaru Crosstrek, Outback, Forester, or other new Subaru models, they drop in value less than most car brands.

According to Consumer Reports, seventeen car brands have a lower total ten-year repair and maintenance, and ten car brands that are higher. But reliability, depreciation, fuel costs, and insurance are not factored into the 10-year total cost.

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