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Do you like your Subaru STI? 2 reasons why you can thank Boeing

Fuji Heavy, maker of the 2016 Subaru WRX STI, also develops passenger jets. How does it benefit your STI?

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Did you know the new-generation Subaru WRX STI benefits indirectly from the Boeing 777X passenger jet? Subaru’s parent company Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) is a large corporation that just signed another agreement with Boeing to develop their new 777X passenger jet. Why should STI enthusiasts care?

Subaru is a small automaker by global standards, but their owner FHI gives them valuable info for developing the WRX STI’s performance. They get useful intel that goes into developing the WRX STI and the rest of Subaru’s cars. FHI signed an agreement with Boeing on their participation in the development and production of Boeing’s new 777X airplane. Boeing says production will begin in 2017, with first delivery targeted for 2020.

How does this partnership effect the new STI?

FHI shares information with Subaru and Subaru Tecnica International (STI), Subaru’s motorsport division. Because FHI plays a major role in the development of the center wing section, integration of the center wing section with the main landing gear wheel wells, main landing gear doors, and wing-to-body fairings, they learn valuable technical information. It’s passed along to their counterparts at Subaru.

While FHI’s aerospace division has nothing to do with automobiles, it’s about their airplane engineers sharing information and new technology with the automotive division. The new generation Subaru WRX STI’s DNA can be traced all the way back to FHI’s involvement in the aircraft industry from 1917. Subaru was formed in 1953 by the merger of five companies that were previously part of Japan's first private aircraft manufacturer, Nakajima Aircraft Ltd.

WRX STI Boxer engine technology comes from FHI

The best example of how FHI uses what they learn from their aerospace division, is their revolutionary horizontally opposed boxer engine which applies this technology to their Subaru vehicles. FHI has committed to maximizing the advantages of its Boxer engines and has continued to enhance them to power its vehicles since 1966. Besides Porsche, Subaru is the only automaker that uses the boxer engine design. The next STI will be getting increased engine performance because of new advancements.

The STI's wing benefits too

This shared technology helps the Japanese automaker have a pool of technical information and financial resources to draw from. It may sound like a stretch, but even some of the technology that goes into developing the new 2016 WRX STI wing came from what FHI has learned from the airline industry.

Source: FHI

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