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Cross GT reveals new premium luxury models for Kia

The new Kia Cross GT Concept is revealed ahead of the Chicago Auto Show and shows the future of Kia’s new design language and it will be more luxurious than ever.

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The 2013 Chicago Auto Show will reveal a number of new cars this year and Kia is showing up in a big way by unveiling the new Cross GT Concept. And just ahead of the North America’s largest auto show, Kia has given us an idea of what their new future design language is going to look like. Kia says the new Cross GT Concept is “Inspired by nature, driven by technology.” Kia does tell us that the show car is larger than the all-new 2014 Kia Sorento and this concept car is a premium Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV).

Kia will unveil the new CUV concept at the Chicago Auto Show 2013 which begins on February 9th and runs through Monday, February 18th. The show which is held in the Windy City, was first staged in 1901, and is the largest auto show in North America. It’s been held more times than any other auto exposition on the continent, and this year marks the 105th edition. Kia has chosen Chicago to reveal their new design language to the world, because of the success they are experiencing here in the U.S. market.

Cross GT reveals Kia’s intentions for the future

The Cross GT is very much a concept car and features a slimmer version of Kia’s tiger nose grille, a low roofline and what appear to be concealed rear door handles. Because Kia tells us this will be a premium crossover, it hints that the new Cadenza sedan will not be the only premium vehicle Kia is considering for its global lineup. The larger size of the Cross GT concept could mean it will feature three rows of seating. Kia is moving in the direction of offering more upscale vehicles, and this could signal the direction the South Korean automaker is taking in the near future.

There are upright vents or intakes behind the front doors similar to those used on Land Rover’s Range Rover and some Jaguar vehicles. There is a partially glazed roof, with panes of glass arranged in a hexagonal pattern which also hints at more luxury. The new concept CUV appears to have large alloy wheels that fill the wheel wells nicely. Although the Cross GT is not meant for production, it’s likely to signal that Kia is looking at expanding its range with a larger premium crossover. Kia has experienced all-time high sales here in the U.S. and wants to continue that trend.

Kia is appealing to wider range of customers

Over the last several years, the Kia brand has matured and grown dramatically in the U.S. market while capturing the attention of a wide variety of consumers. And the Hyundai Motor Group is trying to expand that appeal even more in the future. Last year, Kia Motors reached an all-time high sales total of 557,599 units here in the U.S. Seven all-new or significantly redesigned Kia vehicles are scheduled to arrive in showrooms in 2013. We can expect Kia to continue to bring new vehicles to the global market and the premium luxury segment is the next area they will expand their lineup.

“Kia is a completely different company from what it was just three years ago, and 2012 will go down as a milestone year that demonstrated the power of our brand transformation, which began with the arrival of the Soul in 2009,” said Byung Mo Ahn, group president and CEO of KMA and KMMG.  “As Kia continues to grow and strengthen the brand, we remain committed to advancing value to new levels of sophistication by introducing vehicles with world-class design, technology and amenities.”

Look for the new Kia Cross GT Concept to be revealed at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show next month, and we’ll be getting a glimpse of Kia’s new future premium luxury CUV design language.

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