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Can Subaru WRX STI Win 5th Nurburgring 24-Hr Race?

Subaru enters the 2018 WRX STI in the 46th Nurburgring 24-Hour Race. Can they win their 5th class title?

Subaru Corporation and its motorsports partner, Subaru Tecnica International (STI), will run the 2018 WRX STI in the 46th Nurburgring 24-Hour Race that starts today. The grueling race is held at the at the Nurburgring in the Eifel region of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, on May 11-13, 2018. This is Subaru’s 11th Nurburgring 24-Hour Race challenge since 2008. They will attempt their win their 5th class title.

Subaru Motorsports returns today and will attempt three wins in four years. Subaru has won the SP3T class four times, in 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2016. The 2018 Subaru WRX STI runs in the SP3T class for turbocharged vehicles up to 2.0 liters, a class many leading European manufacturers will again enter this year.

Subaru attempts to win this year’s race with the car much improved from the one that missed out on the podium last year. Last May with only three hours to go, the 2017 Subaru WRX STI NBR suddenly caught on fire and was forced out of the race. STI has the enhanced reliability in the 2018 WRX STI with improved engine output, optimized gear ratio and larger diameter brake rotors.

STI makes improvements

Subaru improved the engine performance by reviewing the exhaust layout and optimizing the turbo effectiveness. Subaru Tecnica International also improved braking performance with the expansion of the front brake diameter. Aerodynamic performance was also improved with new exterior parts.

Hideharu Tatsumi of STI will manage the team again. Carlo van Dam (Netherlands), Tim Schrick (Germany), and Hideki Yamauchi (Japan) are driving once again with the addition of Subaru SUPER GT driver Takuto Iguchi replacing Marcel Lasee (Germany).

Subaru also brings six techs selected from Subaru dealers around Japan who will be the team supporting the race effort. Subaru has had dealer mechanics participate in overseas auto races since 1990, a unique initiative aimed at improving the technical skills of its mechanics. Through the end of 2017, 357 Subaru techs had taken part in Safari Rallies, World Rally Championships, and the Nurburgring 24-Hour Races. Can the Subaru WRX STI win its 5th class title? Stay tuned.

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Photo credit: Subaru Motorsports