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BMW's New M2 and Other Wild Police Machines

The National Association of Police Fleet Managers (NAPFM) 2016 motor show in the UK reveals a wild-colored BMW M2 Police car.

The police in the UK had to have gotten excited when they saw the new BMW M2 at the National Association of Police Fleet Managers (NAPFM) show. It was one of many BMW and other performance cars on hand for the cops to drool over. Hundreds of police cars are in one place. They aren’t your typical police cruisers either.

The police from the UK and around Europe can look at different options for their fleet to chase the bad guys. The M2 would certainly help them run down a car in a high-speed chase. With its 370hp TwinPower Turbo engine, it would make a fun ride for any police officer.

What’s with the wild colors?

The wild colors won’t come as standard issue if the police departments order a new M2 Coupe police cruiser. They are painted the bright yellow and blue to get the attention of the show goers. Each police department can get their standard colors and livery when the order the special performance cars.

Other performance machines at the show

Other BMW police cars examples on hand at the show were the BMW i8, BMW M6, BMW 3 Series interceptor, BMW 5 Series and even a BMW i3 for environmentally conscious police departments. Also on hand were the European spec Ford Mustang, and a Chevrolet Camaro displaying Goodyear rubber.

We would choose the M2 as our choice for a police cruiser. We wouldn’t be surprised if a few police forces order a new BMW M2 Coupe and add a bit of performance to their department’s fleet. If you live in Europe, look out for an unmarked BMW M2 sitting on the side of the road getting ready to chase an unsuspecting speeder. Stay alert.

Source: Motoring Research

Image source: Motoring Research