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BMW Owner Parks His Mint-Condition M3 in Living Room to Protect it From Hurricane Matthew, This is True Love

One BMW Owner protects his mint BMW M3 from hurricane Matthew and parks it in his living room. This is true love.

BMW enthusiasts are a passionate group when it comes to their performance cars. When it’s a mint-condition BMW E30 M3 coupe, they go to great lengths to protect them. Randy (jalisup) posted a few pictures on Instagram showing how he protected his E30 from Hurricane Matthew. He drove the car into his living room to keep it safe. It’s a good thing his front doors are wide enough.

Not everyone has the ability to park a car in their house. Luckily, Randy could. To keep his beloved car from getting damaged, he drove his M3 through the front double-doors of his house, parking it in the entrance. You can see why he would want to get this classic BMW out of the storm from the picture. This is a mint-condition BMW E30 M3.

The next morning, Randy had breakfast with his M3 and spent some quality time with the prized two-door coupe. What could be better than that? While Hurricane Matthew raged outside, his car was safe and he could sit and admire his sports car.

A quick check of BMW E30 M3 prices reveals the car is worth anywhere from $50-$85K depending on mileage and condition. From the looks of this car, it was worth protecting from the storm. It would likely have suffered quite a bit of damage if it were left outside. This is how you protect your classic BMW M3 when things get dicey outside.

Source: jalisup

Photo: jalisup Instagram