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BMW Issues Stop Delivery for M2 Rear Differential Replacement

BMW has issued a Stop Delivery on some BMW M2 Coupes. What is the issue?

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According to a report by Bimmerpost, a number of BMW M2 Coupes will not be delivered to their new owners on time because of a Stop Delivery notice from the Bavarian automaker. The report says BMW has issued the notice to certain M2s, M3s, M4 Coupe and Convertible, M5 and regular 5 Series, M6 and 6 Series models. An update says, about 3800 cars are affected as of July 22nd, but that number could change.

What's the issue?

The vehicles affected will require a replacement of the rear differential. It’s still unknown as to what the problem is with the rear diff. Apparently, the affected vehicles were built between May 12, 2016, and July 4, 2016. Some of the cars have already left the factory, others are in transit, and some have already arrived at the BMW centers in charge of final delivery.

The report says there is no rear differential repair available now for the affected M2s and the vehicles are stuck where they are in the manufacturing or delivery process. The exact number of M2s that are affected is not known, but many customers who have ordered the performance coupes will not get their cars delivered until the rear differentials are replaced. All these cars are in limbo and customers will have to wait.

It’s worse for BMW M European delivery customers

A worse scenario, is some customers have ordered their new M2 for BMW M European delivery and will pick up the new sports cars from the BMW Welt in Germany. These customers have already booked airline travel and hotels months in advance. It could ruin their European vacation as they won’t get their new BMW M2 for their BMW M European delivery and tour experience. You can check out the Technical Service bulletin here.

Source: Bimmerpost

Image source: BMW

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