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The 11 Best New Cars And Why Autotrader Says Subaru Crosstrek Will Shock You

Which are the best new cars of 2024? Autotrader released its annual ranking, and there are a few surprises. One is the 2024 Subaru Crosstrek, which they say will shock you. Is it all that's advertised? 

The next-generation 2024 Subaru Crosstrek could be Subaru of America's best new all-wheel-drive model in the lineup. Autotrader says the Crosstrek is the ninth-best new model out of eleven new top model picks for 2024 and that it will shock you. That says a lot about the Crosstrek. I'll explain why there's more to the Crosstrek than what Autotrader says. 

First, it’s not the first award for the Crosstrek subcompact SUV. Click on each of my story links to read more. 

New Crosstrek Awards

How Does Autotrader Select The Best New Cars?

Autotrader's annual Best New Cars list comprises 11 vehicles selected by a team of expert editors who collectively test and score new models using a range of criteria. Each vehicle has unique features that appeal to a wide audience of consumers and their needs, "and this year's selections are standouts because of their interior comfort, build quality, tech features, driving experience, and more," says Autotrader.

"At Autotrader, we recognize purchasing a new car is not just a transaction, but a major decision that requires time and thought," said Brian Moody, executive editor for Autotrader. "Our annual Best New Cars list takes some of the work out of that decision so consumers can focus on celebrating life moments, including the new car purchase itself."

Check out the top eleven picks for 2024, and then I'll explain why the new Crosstrek is everything it's advertised to be and more. First, here are the top picks of 2024.

Autotrader's Best Cars of 2024

  1. 2024 Audi Q8 e-tron
  2. 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray Coupe
  3. 2024 Ford Mustang
  4. 2024 Hyundai Kona
  5. 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe
  6. 2024 Kia EV9
  7. 2024 Lexus GX
  8. 2024 Lincoln Nautilus
  9. 2024 Subaru Crosstrek
  10. 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Hybrid
  11. 2024 Toyota Tacoma

What Does AutoTrader Say About The Crosstrek?

"The smallest Subaru SUV got a makeover for 2024, an evolutionary move rather than revolutionary. Subaru is smartly in the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" school, and the Crosstrek (starting at $26,540) follows suit. It's a little brawnier, a little more powerful, and a little better-equipped than its predecessor, but it's still a Crosstrek and still one of the best options for owners who want to use their subcompact SUVs to commute on the weekdays and have adventures on the weekend."

More From Autotrader's Team Of Editors

"The Crosstrek continues to pack all the things we love about Subaru – AWD, adventurous spirit, quirky yet functional appeal, and high degrees of safety — in an efficient and value-packed package," says Degen.

"Subaru continues to make the small but mighty Crosstrek incrementally better," says Nestora. "And just in case you need more off-road capability, there's the Wilderness trim for the more adventurous."

Jeff Glucker, Senior Editor, says the Crosstrek is "one of the most Subaru Subarus you can buy. Also, it will shock you at just how good it is off-road."

The Crosstrek Is Capable And Right-Sized

When you hear about the new Crosstrek, what do you think of it? It has all-wheel-drive capability, ground clearance, safety tech, and reliability. It's all that for sure, but there's still more.

Subaru says, "The 2024 Crosstrek goes big on capability in a compact SUV package thanks to the legendary traction of standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and 8.7 inches of ground clearance. The available 2.5-liter, 182-horsepower Subaru Boxer engine is re-tuned for 2024, generating more torque for responsive acceleration."

Crosstrek Is More Than Advertised

Here are three recent Crosstrek attributes you may need to be aware of.

Crosstrek Has The Quietest Cabin

According to a recent Consumer Reports ranking, the Crosstrek's cabin is ranked the quietest of any subcompact SUV. Typically, small SUVs are noisy inside. Automakers put less emphasis on sound-deadening materials to save weight and improve fuel mileage. But not the Crosstrek. Read my report here. 

How Reliable Do You Want?

The Subaru Crosstrek scored a near-perfect 99/100 in predicted reliability from Consumer Reports owner surveys. Crosstrek outscores all subcompact SUV scores. Check out how far ahead it is in reliability. It's not even close.

  1. Subaru Crosstrek - 99/100
  2. Honda HR-V - 85/100
  3. Toyota RAV4 Prime - 84/100
  4. Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid 71/100
  5. Toyota Corolla Cross 71/100
  6. Mazda CX-30 66/100
  7. Nissan Kicks - 54/100
  8. Kia Seltos - 51/100
  9. Chevrolet Trailblazer - 50/100
  10. Hyundai Kona - 42/100

Crosstrek Is Affordable

Here is the 2024 Crosstrek pricing

In 2024, the Crosstrek is available in Base, Premium, Sport, Limited, and Wilderness trim levels, with the Base trim level starting at $26,290.

The 2024 Crosstrek Premium has a starting price of $27,440, Sport ($30,290), and Limited ($32,190). Pricing includes destination and delivery fees ($1,225).

The all-new Crosstrek Wilderness costs $33,290, including dealer destination and delivery fees ($1,295).

The Crosstrek Will Shock You

Jeff Glucker, Autotrader Senior Editor, says the Crosstrek…" will shock you at just how good it is off-road."

The New 2024 Crosstrek Wilderness Is Far Above The Rest

Subaru now offers the rugged Crosstrek Wilderness trim level for the most adventurous customers. It has so many off-road features that come standard that customers don't have to add any aftermarket equipment to get all the way off the grid.

Here are a few of those rugged to get you further away from civilization:

  • 9.3 Inches of ground clearance vs. 8.7 on all other trims
  • Off-Road Wheels with Yokohama Geolander All-Terrain Tires
  • Subaru 2.5-liter Boxer engine and revised drivetrain gearing
  • Underbody armor protection 
  • Standard dual-function X-Mode provides settings that can optimize traction for varying conditions, including dirt, deep snow, and mud
  • 3,500-pound towing capacity
  • Standard roof rails can support up to 700 pounds of static load for bikes, kayaks, or rooftop tents.
  • Hex-design LED fog lights
  • Anti-Glare hood design
  • More prominent wheel arch cladding for protection against scrapes
  • Water-Repellent StarTex upholstery

I applaud Subaru for making the already capable Crosstrek even more capable of off-road excursions, but it's off-the-charts good now. 

Along with a quiet cabin, affordability, reliability, and all-terrain capability I would say the redesigned Subaru Crosstrek is all that's advertised and more. 

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Photo credit: Tucson Subaru