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4 reasons why Subaru expects to gain market share with 2015 Outback

The all-new 2015 Subaru Outback is getting attention at New York Auto Show 2014. Why does Subaru expect to gain market share with the new redesigned wagon?

Subaru is about to launch the all-new 2015 Outback which has been redesigned for the fifth generation wagon. Subaru’s president of Subaru of America Tom Doll said at the unveiling last week, that the Japanese automaker expects to gain market share with the newly redesigned 2015 Outback. What are the reasons for the optimism?

Subaru gives four reasons for having great expectations for the 2015 Outback. Doll said at NYIAS, “The redesigned Subaru Outback is more agile, has better driving dynamics, more contemporary styling and better fuel economy than the model it replaces.” He went on to say, "it will appeal to a wider audience."

But this optimism is not just for the Outback. This has been Subaru’s strategy all along with their entire lineup. Subaru has been attracting new buyers to their showrooms and consumers who have never purchased a Subaru before are buying the multi-use vehicles at record numbers. Subaru reported their best month ever in sales in March. And close to 60 percent of those buyers are new to the brand.

Doll told Automotive News, that he's “convinced the Outback will outsell the current generation because more buyers are putting the brand on their shopping lists.” The all-new 2014 Subaru Forester has been the brands number one seller, and Outback sales have been lagging behind last year. But the redesigned Outback is expected to gain market share as first-time Subaru buyers look at the new multi-use wagon.

A new generation of active millennial consumers are looking for vehicles they can use to commute to work during the week, and take to the mountains and beach on the weekends. The 2015 Outback is designed for recreation, and the wagon will appeal to a young active generation. The new-gen Outback exemplifies Subaru’s mastery of their niche market which is outdoor-oriented vehicles.

Of course it will come with Subaru’s excellent Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and raised ground clearance, but it will feature numerous details that help make it more convenient to load and carry cargo as well as carry items such as kayaks, surfboards and mountain bikes. It will also come with X-Mode, Hill Descent Control and Hill Start Assist augment Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive for active buyers who will use the new 2015 Outback for off-road and slick and icy conditions on the mountain trails.

The new 2015 Subaru Outback crossover is produced at Subaru's factory in Lafayette, Indiana. The fifth-generation wagon was unveiled at the New York International Auto Show where the first version of the Outback debuted 20 years ago. The new Outback is more agile, has better driving dynamics, more contemporary styling and better fuel economy than the outgoing model. Look for Outback to gain market share with a new active generation of buyers. The newly redesigned 2015 Subaru Outback will be in showrooms June 2014.

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