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2015 Subaru WRX STI returns to UK $6K cheaper

Subaru has made the decision to return the all-new 2015 WRX STI to the UK. It will make its launch this summer, and it's even cheaper than the outgoing model.

Last year we reported that the 2015 Subaru WRX would be axed from the UK market, and then we said it looked like the iconic performance car was back on the table for the UK. Subaru has made it official and the 2015 WRX STI is all set for its return. The performance WRX And WRX STI had been axed due to slow sales in the UK and a spokesman for the company in late 2012 said they would pull the plug on the new-generation model in the UK.

The spokesman for the company said in December 2012, “The new Impreza has been under evaluation in the UK for 12 months, but the decision has been taken not to bring that car to the UK because of insufficient demand.” But there was an outcry of support for the WRX STI in the UK and the last performance car was sold with great sadness. But one year later, Subaru UK confirms the new WRX STI is coming to UK shores this summer.

UK performance enthusiasts can now rejoice as the 2015 Subaru WRX STI will return later this year. Subaru says it’s due to recent movements in exchange rates. The best news for UK WRX STI fans is that the performance car will be cheaper than the previous generation model. Subaru UK reports the new model will be priced at a highly competitive 28,995 British pounds ($47,609 US) when it hits showrooms in May, some 4,000 ($6,568 US) cheaper than its predecessor.

A recent improvement in the Japanese yen to British pound exchange rate means better margins for its UK dealer network. But more importantly, Subaru has seen a “renewed appetite” for the latest version of Subaru’s most iconic performance model. Once you tell someone they can’t have something, they want it even more. The new 2015 WRX STI should sell especially well in the UK, now that its 4,000 cheaper than its predecessor.

UK fans will appreciate the new performance car and its improved handling characteristics. During development of the completely redesigned WRX STI, Subaru honed the driveability of the new WRX STI to perfection, testing it under a wide variety of conditions around the world. As with past generations of the model, extensive testing also took place on Germany's Nurburgring circuit. The WRX STI prototype was tested by race driver Tommy Makinen and a “top gun” Subaru driver under extreme high-speed testing before the car made it to production.

UK buyers can expect a comprehensive standard spec, in addition to changes over the WRX on the exterior design including the large signature rear wing and larger 18-inch wheels. This week Subaru UK will be launching a dedicated area of its website ( where prospective owners can register their interest. Subaru in Japan has confirmed that a Fuji Heavy Industries entered STI will compete in this year’s Nurburgring 24hr race in June, where the team will be attempting to win its class for a third year in succession.

Paul Tunnicliffe, Subaru UK Managing Director commented: “We wanted to acknowledge the following the WRX STI has, and while both the market and the Brand in the UK has changed in recent years, the WRX STI remains a demonstration of Subaru’s technical know-how. The new model will only be available in limited numbers when it goes on sale in summer nevertheless we were keen to give our performance car fans the opportunity to try it here for  themselves.”

UK performance fans can celebrate as the all-new 2015 Subaru WRX STI will return to the UK in May. It’s faster than the previous model and its even cheaper than before. Now that’s a great deal for UK fans.