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2015 Subaru Levorg inherits DNA from Legacy Touring GT Wagon

April 23, 1988 was a big day for Subaru and the Legacy GT wagon. What record did the GT Touring wagon set?

April 23 was a special anniversary for the Legacy Touring Wagon GT. On that day in 1998, the Legacy Touring GT Wagon recorded an average speed of 270.532 km/h on a highway in La Junta, Colorado, U.S., making it the world’s fastest production station wagon. The new 2015 Subaru Levorg sports tourer inherits this very same DNA.

On April 23, 1998, a Generation III Subaru Legacy set a new world speed record for mass-produced turbocharged station wagons (1600 cc-2000 cc class), clocking 270.532 km/h (168.101 mph) over one kilometer on Highway 10 in La Junta, Colorado. This record was previously set by a Generation II Subaru Legacy in 1993 at 249.981 km/h.

The original Legacy speed record was set between January 2 and January 21, 1989, with three Japanese-spec turbocharged RS sedans at the Arizona Test Center outside of Phoenix, Arizona. It broke the 100,000 km FIA World Land Endurance Record by maintaining an average speed of 138.780 mph (223.345 km/h) for 447 hours, 44 minutes and 9.887 seconds, or 18½ days. Pit stops were made every two hours with a driver change and refueling, while tire changes were made at 96 hour intervals, or every 13,400 miles (21,600 km) driven.

Levorg sports tourer gets Legacy’s DNA

The Levorg sports tourer that launched last year in Japan and Europe later this year, inherits the same DNA from the Legacy GT Touring wagon. Levorg launched with a new 1.6-liter Horizontally-Opposed direct injection turbo "DIT" Engine. This is a new powerplant for Subaru and the boxer engine will produce 125kW/250Nm. Subaru introduced this new engine first in the Levorg and will possibly use it in other models in the future as they look to increase fuel mileage in their lineup.

It’s a new sport tourer that embodies the new generation of Subaru, and features the most advanced safety technology on the planet. Levorg is a popular vehicle in Japan and should be a big hit in Europe where more.

Subaru also launched the new Levorg 2.0 GT-S sports tourer with the 2.0-liter Boxer engine that made its debut in the 2015 WRX. The 2.0 Levorg engine is also a Horizontally-Opposed direct injection turbocharged "DIT" engine. The Levorg 2.0-liter engine produces 221kW (296 hp) and torque that reaches 400N (295 lb ft).

Subaru has a history of developing sporty models that are not only functional, but they’re also fun to drive. The new 2015 Subaru Levorg got its DNA from the Legacy GT wagon that set a number of records. The Levorg will only be sold in Japan, Europe and possibly in Australia. U.S. buyers can only look and not touch.