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Will Mazda Offer Power Hardtop Miata for 2017?

The rumor is it will debut March 23rd in New York.


Mazda’s Power Retractable Hardtop (PRHT) Miata was very popular with buyers during the years it was offered in the NC, or third-generation Miata. However, when the new model came out for 2016, Mazda offered buyers only the cloth top with manual operation. Rumors are spreading that the new Miata will soon be offered with a PRHT and that it will debut at the New York Auto Show later this month.

Motor Authority and others are reporting that Mazda representatives made comments to he effect of “ “world premiere” “blow the lid off.” We have no confirmation of this from Mazda ourselves.

We have tested both versions of the prior Miata extensively. I owned the cloth-top 2007 NC Miata and during my ownership, I had to have it adjusted by the dealer once. Not a big deal. Also, over a few years, it developed “rub spots” on the cloth from being stowed and moved by vibrations. The hard-top would be more secure and would not be an invitation to vandalism the way the cloth top can be. However, those expecting it to be quieter should try it. Our testing of the prior PRHT proved that it was not much of an improvement in that regard.