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Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial teaser brings smiles

VW has created a new Super Bowl commercial that promises to make even the most angry of us happy.

Volkswagen has long been known for excellence in advertising. Ever since the little black bug on a large white-space background, then farhvergnugen, people in the business of advertising and those that enjoyed funny commercials have awaited the next big thing from das auto company Volkswagen.

Last year the award winning advertisement form Volkswagen was the little boy Darth Vader commercial. Like the small bug and catchy phrase, the reason the VW Darth Vader advert was a hit is difficult to articulate. Yes it is cute, and yes it makes sense, but the reasons we like it are subtle. VW’s advertisement this year starts off anything but subtle. Beginning with a montage of viral videos of the type Tosh might offer a redemption for, the video features people “going off.” Losing their mind, blowing their cool, freaking out, breaking down, reading the riot act. From there we are slowly transitioned to peacefulness by the golden tones of Jimmy Cliff channeling the partridge family.

Volkswagen isn’t saying much about its new integrated marketing campaign, but it did release the attached teaser hoping to whet appetites. Jimmy Cliff may not be as well-known as Bob Marley, but he is an icon and the demographic bubble of buyers of Volkswagens know the Partridge family. Wisely, Volkswagen’s advertising team has included a lot of viral videos to snag the interest of new Golf and Jetta buyers. Pulling together three clumps of customers in one advertisement isn’t a bad idea.

We know it makes no sense when we explain it, so hit play and see for yourself why Volkswagen has earned a reputation for commercials that make us feel good.

Photo and video courtesy of Vokswagen and