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Video: How far can you tip the 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD?

We took the all-new 2016 Tacoma off-road to see how it can do.

At a recent media event, we had a chance to sample the 2016 Toyota Tacoma over an off-road course designed and staffed by Land Rover. The course had three levels of difficulty. The Tacoma was cleared to drive on the hardest course. Only some Land Rovers, the Mercedes G-Wagon, and some trail-rated Jeeps could attempt this top level of difficulty. The lowest level was for vehicles like Subaru Foresters and Range Rover Evoque-type soft roaders.

Due to rain and safety rules we could only exit the Tacoma for photos and video on certain parts of the track. Sadly, it was the parts that were not very steep, and we were not allowed to get out in the flowing water sections. Thus, the video here and the two other we offer links for don’t come off very dramatic. Trust us when we tell you that the Tacoma went over things that would seem shocking to anyone not expert in off-roading.

Still, we can report what we found. First off, the crawl mode is very effective. However, the sounds it makes are not pleasant. The Tacoma seems to cycle its ABS much more frequently than a driver would apply braking and seems very intent on braking individual wheels at every opportunity. Perhaps it must to function, but we shut if off after trying the various speeds.

The Tacoma’s Low 4WD is extremely effective, and the brakes also can catch and hold the Tacoma with one wheel in the air easily. The ground clearance is enough that we could follow a Jeep or the G-Wagon’s path without having to avoid anything those vehicles didn’t. Traction was excellent on the Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar tires. Our only real challenge off-road was negotiating the Tacoma’s long wheelbase and length through the trees without denting fenders.

We will have more Tacoma off-road video loaded soon at the Torque News Youtube Channel.

Out thanks to one of Torque News’ original writers, John Matras, for his driving while we captured the video and images. Images and videos by John Goreham. Reproduction by permission only.