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U.S.-Market Vehicle Brands That Offer Included Maintenance For 2022-2023

Included vehicle maintenance can add a value of hundreds of dollars. Here are the brands that are offering included maintenance for 2022 and beyond.

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When you buy a new vehicle, it may or may not come with included maintenance for a period of time. The best plans offer maintenance at no added cost for as long as five years! Whether you drive a conventional car or an electric vehicle, this can save you hundreds of dollars in ownership costs. Here is a comprehensive listing of the brands that include maintenance in their new car purchase prices.

Included maintenance chart by John GorehamRelated Topic: Consumer Reports: PHEVs Like RAV4 Prime Have Lower Maintenance & Repair Costs Than BEVs Like Tesla Model Y

Special Mention - Jaguar
It would be unfair not to point out that Jaguar leads the automotive industry in including maintenance. Part of what Jaguar calls EliteCare, the plan includes a Passport to Service for five years or 60,000 miles, whichever occurs first. No other plan we know of offers anything better.

Which Notable Automakers Do Not Include Maintenance?
Some vehicle brands don't include routine maintenance. For example, Tesla doesn't but does list required maintenance for its popular models. There are no oil changes required, duh, but Tesla vehicles have recommended tire service intervals of as few as 6,250 miles and brake service requirements of as little as 12,500 miles. Kia, although a sibling company to Hyundai, doesn't include maintenance.

If you are shopping for a new or used vehicle, be certain to ask your dealer about included maintenance and confirm that our information is up to date.

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