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Toyota Highlander model years overlap on dealer lots creating big incentives

New 2013 Toyota Highlanders and also the redesigned new 2014 model year Highlanders are now on dealer lots. That is a recipe for huge incentives for dealers to move the '13s.

The new 2014 Toyota Highlander has arrived and is now available at dealers. We checked the inventory at local dealers and the new, left-over 2013 Highlanders are also still available in big numbers. When an all-new version of a popular vehicle is introduced there is that short sweet-spot in time while the older, matured outgoing model is still left in stock. The new models are arriving and the dealers cannot wait to get the old models off the lot. That time is right now for Toyota Highlander shoppers. The deals could be amazing.

The new 2014 Toyota Highlander has some nifty changes. Mainly, the crossover now can have three-across seating in the third row. That means that the vehicle can carry eight. Or, the car can be outfitted with captains’ chairs in the second row and be a 7-seater. The drivetrain has one more forward gear than last year’s model. Highlanders have never been the sportiest, best looking, fastest, or most luxurious mid-size crossover in the market. However, in many ways they have long been the best. Toyota’s legendary reliability, durability, and resale value is on full display in the Highlander and it is designed to be a family hauler for the long haul. Although every new model always has some nifty gadgets and some new bling, the 2013 Highlander is solid family car. If one can secure an amazing deal for a leftover it is well worth considering.

The dealer we checked inventory at had 83 Highlanders on the lot. Most were 2013s, some were inexpensive (about $30K) base models and many were the popular $35K to $38K SE and XLE models most families look for. A lot of New Englanders (where I live) don’t like to buy in spring to save one winter’s wear and tear on their car. Those who have been holding off waiting for winter to run its course may want to consider trying a dealership to test their luck at a deal.

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Main article photo is the 2013 Highlander. Gallery shows Highlander 2014 Model.