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Toyota Ford Subaru Mazda Team Up To Standardize Phone-Vehicle Interface

Finally, automakers are talking about making the inputs and outputs of our in-car infotainment standard.

Ford and Toyota announced a new consortium that will help to standardize the app development for in-vehicle use. The idea is to bring together automakers, software companies, and vehicle entertainment manufacturers to make the various systems work better together.

Called the SmartDeviceLink Consortium, the new group was announced in Las Vegas this week. Although the new group is still new, Subaru, Suzuki, and Mazda have joined already, as have Elektrobit, Luxoft, and Xevo. Other companies committed to joining at Harman, Panasonic, Pioneer and QNX.

The idea is that SmartDeviceLink will provide drivers with easy access to smartphone apps. The standardized technology will cover all manner of interfaces including voice commands and in-vehicle displays.

Shigeki Tomoyama, president of Toyota’s Connected Company said, “Connectivity between smartphones and the vehicle interface is one of the most important connected services. Using SmartDeviceLink, we can provide this service to our customers in a safe and secure manner. We are excited to collaborate with many auto manufacturers and suppliers who share our view.”

Toyota says the first systems using the new standards will appear in 2018.