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Three Safety Passes and One Fail For Toyota SUVs and Crossovers

IIHS tests crossover and SUV headlights. Three Toyotas pass and one fails.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has tested the safety of the headlights popular 37 SUV and crossover models. Toyota's models have earned three "Acceptable" scores and one "Poor." Only two models of the 37 tested earned a score of "Good", the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Volvo XC60. Both of those brands also had models with low scores.

IIHS began testing the headlights of vehicles in its new indoor test facility over the past year. The results have been mixed. Many mainstream affordable models, like the Toyota Prius V, have earned top scores, while many very expensive models, like the Infiniti QX60, have earned very low scores.

The Toyota Highlander crossover earned an Acceptable score in the testing. Toyota's Lexus division NX and RX crossovers both also scored acceptably. Thus, these models will still be eligible for the Top Safety Pick Plus rating, the highest in the industry. The Toyota 4Runner SUV scored Poor.

For more information and a full list of the models that were tested please see the video below or see the list at the IIHS site.