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These Are The Best Winter Snow Tires For the Toyota Corolla

Wondering which are the best winter snow tires for your Toyota Corolla? We have the answer.

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If you own a Toyota Corolla, the chances are you use it as a daily driver. If your schedule requires you to be where you need to be regardless of the weather, you should consider winter snow tires. They will help you stop and turn better than your three-season tires and add a layer of all-weather safety. But which to choose? We have the answer.

The choices vary by brand, but all winter snow tires will have the three critical elements to winter traction. They will have sipes, a deep tread block, and a winter compound that works best in colder temperatures. We reviewed the available choices for tire size, 215/45R17, typical for many Corollas. Be sure you check your exact size to verify that the information we provide will apply to your specific tire size.

Based on our review, the Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 is the best overall choice. Our research shows that the tire can be purchased for around $500 for a set of four, making it an affordable tire for the Corolla, a vehicle all about affordability. The Blizzaks also earn a nearly 5-star rating from reviewers who purchase and use the tire.

Here is what one owner of a similar vehicle reported after switching to the WS80:
I couldn't be happier with them. I drive 100 miles a day for work and needed good snow tire after last winter, I missed two days of work because of snow. I drive a 2015 Mazda 3 and don't have a lot of clearance.
We just got 3" of snow and I made it through all my trouble areas. The tires have great grip going from lane to lane.

An alternative choice would be the Michelin X-ICE XI3. It receives similar high review ratings but can cost a bit more than the Bridgestone. We have owned many sets of winter tires from both of these companies and found them to be a pair of quality brands.

Our recommendation is to shop prices online and then try to have your trusted local shop come close to matching the prices. Expect to pay about $100 for mounting and balancing. Remember, when your winter tires are on the car the 3-season tires get a rest.

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