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Tesla News Update With Alex - Three Big Announcements

This week's Tesla News by Alex Guberman incldes three updates owners and fans will want to know about.

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In the second of a continuing series of Tesla videos, Alex Guberman highlights three important things Tesla fans will want to know about. Alex is a three-time owner of Model S cars with two in his current stable. An early adopter, Alex also started and continues to be the administrator of the Facebook Tesla Model S Owners Club. Alex reviews dozens of posts submitted by Tesla owners each day and knows what is on the owner and fan radar for this exciting brand.

-The first news item affects the P100D. Can the world's quickest sedan be even more impressive?

-The second news item partially answers the question, "How will Tesla build 500,000 cars in less than two years?"

-The third item covers a new award to the very deserving Model S.

-In conclusion, Alex finds a classy and non-partisan way to bring up the Tesla Motors company's likely future under a Trump Presidency.

Watch the video for details, and please remember, Alexis creates these videos independent of Torque News. We simply find them to be high-quality news worthy of highlighting.

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