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Tesla News Includes App-Based Supercharger Info, Help From Elon, More Power

Our favorite Tesla expert lays out the news for the week regarding Tesla, Inc.

The Tesla news this week covers a wide range of topics.Our favorite Tesla Expert, Alex Guberman has owned three Teslas and he is the founder of a very popular Facebook Model S Owners Club. Each week, Alex summarizes the top stories related to Tesla and creates a video (please subscribe). We love Alex's work, but always remind our readers that we are just helping to spread his message, he is independent of Torque News.

The Top story of this week is that Tesla has updated its App to show Tesla owners the current status of the local Superchargers. As time goes on, and more and more owners take advantage of the limited stalls available, it has been frustrating for some owners to arrive in need of a charge and find them occupied. This is a positive step and has a few minor details to be sorted out according to Alex. Note the idle time fee shown in the video too.

Everyone's favorite guy, Elon Musk, proved once again that he supports his fans and customers by reaching out to an owner who sacrificed his Model S for the greater good. Check out the video for more details.

Tesla also updated the way owners of the high-performance Model S cars operate. This one is for the real fans, so don't miss what the change was.

Last, Alex updates the Tesla, Inc. stock situation. Unless we are mistaken, the weekly stock news has now been positive for quite a stretch.