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Summer Road Trip Food - Name Your Guilty Pleasure

We love a great summer road trip. Food is always part of these adventures for us. What’s your special Road trip treat?

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Summer and fall are the best seasons for an epic road trip, or just a leisurely drive to your favorite vacation spots. We mostly focus on vehicles here at Torque News, but today we want to examine the tasty treats that many of us enjoy along our journeys. Road chow is always a part of any great adventure. There are many things we only eat on our adventures. We’ll serve up a bit of an appetizer here, but we really want to know what you and your family look forward to on your trips.

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Breakfast Road Trip Foods
Heading out early on an empty stomach and then stopping for a big late breakfast is how we often structure our long trips. We’re in the New England area. One popular route is north for many New Englanders heading out of the Boston, Providence, Hartford, New Haven areas and headed to New Hampshire Maine and Vermont.
One popular route is Rt. 93 to Rt. 89. This is the start and middle of a trip from Boston to Montreal. Just past the junction a bit is the quaint New England town of Warner, NH. It’s not easy finding great food just off the highway on this stretch. That’s why the Foothills of Warner restaurant is so special. Located a few minutes from the exit ramp, it is well worth the trip. Here, one can get all the usual fare, but what is unusual are the massive sticky buns. Even more unique, is that the Foothills offers nut-free buns for those (like us) with nut allergies.

Lunch Road Trip Foods
In New England, there is one food that is synonymous with a summer road trip. That is the “lobstah roll.” The best ones are made with a real hotdog bun soaked in butter and always have celery.
lobster role
We like to get on at Hampton Beach, in Bar Harbor, or at the legendary Lobster Pot in P-Town Mass. Eating them on the beach always makes them tastier. The only real question is slaw or fries with that? We go with the slaw. usually, but fries are a nice change. And we always chase it with a giant iced tea-lemonade.

lollipops pictureMunchies
We know, we know, it’s distracted driving. Still, how can a person maintain proper focus on the road with a rumbling tummy? Munchies are part of the experience on a long road trip. Lollipops are easy since you don’t have to hold them if you’re busy shifting.
homemade beef jerkey picture
For you carnivores out there, how many like homemade beef jerky? Slim Jims do the job, but some locally-sourced stuff is always a treat.

We’ve given you our examples. Now it’s your turn. Please tell us in the comments below what you like to snack or dine on when you are on a road trip.

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