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A State By State Look At Just How Much Honda and Toyota Dominate Long-Term Vehicle Ownership

A recent sturdy looking at which vehicles owners keep the longest has a powerful message for car shoppers.

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The researchers at recently spend considerable time and effort to determine which models owners buy new and then keep the longest before trading them in. Studies like this help shed a bit of light on which makes and models owners continue to find satisfying and reliable after many years of ownership. And which they don't. Based on the findings by iSeeCars, it is Honda and Toyota vehicles that, on average, first owners keep the longest.

iseecars longest by state

The state by state look at which brand has the best overall average of years kept shows that Honda is the leader with Toyota very close. No other brand is even in the running.

models kept longest by owners

However, when the researchers looked at which specific models owners kept the longest, a different picture emerges. Chevrolet and Ford do much better in this segmentation. Both have some specific models, notably trucks and SUVs, that earn the top overall spot by model. If all of their vehicles were kept as long as these ones, the brands would have done better. However, we asked iSeeCars for clarification and they confirmed that the other models made by these brands drag down their overall state averages.

To see if your vehicle may be on the listing of the vehicles that owners keep the longest, check out iSeeCars overview.

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