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Shopping For A Mazda? Here are The Best Mazda Dealers Of 2018

Mazda's President's Club is Mazda's own internal award for the best of its dealers. Check here to see if your local dealer made the list.


There are many ways one can research a dealership in order to find out if they rank highly. Google ratings is one simple way, is another. The reviews on these sites are from various owners of Mazdas and shoppers of Mazdas. They may be valid, or some wingnut angry that their service wasn't free may have posted the bad review that catches your eye. One rating system we think we can safely say makes some sense is Mazda's own.

Mazda calls its own dealer rating system the Mazda President's Club. Earning a spot on the President’s Club list is important to Mazda dealers and is one of the highest honors given by Mazda North America (MNAO). The Club recognizes dealerships across the country for providing superior customer experiences, together with achieving top sales performance among similar-sized dealerships. Only the top 50 dealerships in America are named to the Mazda President’s Club each year.

“It’s an honor to recognize these dealerships for how they consistently deliver on our brand vision, emulate what it means to be customer-centric and demonstrate Brand Value Management, which is crucial to Mazda’s continued growth and success,” said Masahiro Moro, president and CEO of MNAO. “These dealerships not only excel in sales performance, but also remain committed to delivering a culture that seeks to build a special bond with our fans and our customers.”

To give smaller dealerships an equal shot, Mazda uses four groupings based on the volume its dealers can reasonably expect. Mazda then looked at the customer experience factor. Entry into the President’s Club is based on customer retention and customer service experiences.

You can view the full list of 2018 Mazda President's Club Dealerships here.