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No Toyotas or Lexus Models On This List Of Quick-Turn Cars

An unusual study has recently been conducted by our friends at The group analyzed an astounding 24 million new car transactions and found that eleven models stuck out. What the group uncovered was that these models sell again within their first year at double the rate of other models.

Not a single Toyota or Lexus made the list. Why is this significant? For one, Toyota builds the top selling vehicle in almost every important auto segment in America, including compact sedans, midsize cars, midsize crossovers, and midsize trucks. Toyota also makes the second leading seller in other huge categories such as compact crossovers and minivans. The story is the same at Lexus. Lexus has the top selling premium sedan and top-selling midsize crossover in America. Yet, not one of those huge-volume vehicles is resold quickly. In fact, Toyota is the brand that has the vehicles owners keep longer than all others.

The folks at listed many reasons why the cars on this list sell so quickly after their first owner. One reason, which applies mainly to the four BMWs and the Mercedes-Benz that make this list, is that they are dealership loaner cars, or short-lease cars that are then sold as certified pre-owned. There is certainly nothing wrong with that practice. The odd thing is that Toyota/Lexus sell more CPO cars than does BMW and it would surprise us if BMW has more loaner cars to turn. Our local Lexus dealer has 90 loaners and 45 service bays. That dwarfs the local BMW dealer's capacity, here on Massachusetts' famed "Automile."

Look at the list. We respect the Subaru WRX, but the reason the other cars sell so quickly after their first owners get them is obvious, isn't it? Don't make us say it.