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Meet Toyota’s New Automated Car Chief, Dr. Gill Pratt, at MIT Conference

May 26th NEMPA and MIT will host a conference on design and technology. Please join us.

Join us...    

This May 26th at the MIT Media Lab, the New England Motor Press and the faculty and staff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology present the sixth in their annual series of panel discussions of leading-edge automotive issues. This year the topic is “The Intersection of Design and Technology.” Who better to help lead the panel discussion on this important topic than the leader of the Toyota Research Institute, Dr. Gill Pratt. Dr. Pratt leads his Silicon Valley and Michigan outposts from TRI’s MIT-based campus.

The event includes lunch, networking sessions, a panel discussion, and a post-discussion informal meeting. In addition to Dr. Pratt, the following industry leaders will join the panel:

Ed Welburn, General Motors’ Global Design Chief
Timothy Anness, Head of Advance Design, FCA – North America
Mary Gustanski Vice President Engineering & Program Management

Additional panelists are about to be added. Among the event’s attendees will be writers and staff members from Car and Driver, Road and Track, Autoweek, U.S. New &World Report Autos, Wheels TV, Chasing Classic Cars, BestRide, AutoInsane, CarGurus,, NHRA, and of course, current writers and alumni from Torque News. Representatives from every automaker will be in attendance as well.

Learn more about the event and register to attend here. Tickets are still available.

Join us...