Mazda’s updated 2017 Mazda6 gets important updates
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Mazda just made Interior changes you’ll love to the 2017 Mazda6

Mazda’s updated 2017 Mazda6 brings some important updates to the cabin.

If you are a Mazda fan, let us first put your mind at ease about the infotainment controls in the Mazda6. The rotary knob and the separate volume knob located at your right hand will still be part of the car’s interior design. Mazda calls that setup the “Seven-inch MAZDA CONNECTT display with Commander control knob". In fact, if you are at all familiar with any Mazda interior, the “completely redesigned interior” of the new 2017 Mazda6 will be very familiar.

Before we tell you what you will see, hear and feel in the new Mazda6, a little bit about what is less apparent. Mazda is continuing to go upmarket with brands like Audi in its sights. For 2017 Mazda is using improved door seals, tighter tolerance between panels and improved sound insulation materials added to the underbody, rear console, headliner and doors. The Mazda6 also features thicker front glass to minimize wind noise, and Grand Touring models will receive laminated front side windows.

Many of the upgrades and changes are focused on our favorite trim, the Grand Touring. The Premium Package will have content that only the all-new Mazda CX-9 will come with. For example, the heated steering wheel now has traditional Japanese chidori stitching. The Premium Package of the Grand Touring will also have a black headliner, heated rear outboard seats, and bright metallic finish on switches and interior trim.

Mazda is also stepping up its game by adding thin film transistor (TFT) displays and making all its display fonts the same for better continuity of style.

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