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Mazda is the best car brand in America – U.S. News & World Report

The experienced team at U.S. News makes a good case for its pick.

For those who are not familiar with U.S. News & World Report’s automotive methodology, they have a unique approach. The experienced crew at the publication doesn’t just weigh in with their own opinions. Instead, they look carefully, and with a data-driven algorithm, at what the overall automotive media is saying about a brand or a model. We also applaud U.S. News & World Report for including safety rankings in their considerations. The publications most recent conclusion? Mazda is the best automotive brand in America. Here’s why they thought so.

We asked Jamie Page Deaton, Managing Editor of U.S. News & World Report Autos why she thought Mazda was the overall winner. She told Torque News “Mazda cars a have always been popular with automotive writers for their engaging performance, but in recent years the brand has stepped up their interior quality. Critics have noticed, and their positive reviews have helped most Mazda models climb in our rankings and take home the Best Car Brand award. As the award shows, Mazda isn’t a brand that’s just for driving enthusiasts; it’s a brand that should please almost any car buyer.”

On its award page using the Mazda3 as an example, U.S. News & World Report says that reviewers frequently give the Mazda3 a thumbs up for its “…nimble handling, strong acceleration and upscale interior.” We would have to agree. In fact, we found the Mazda3 Grand Touring so up-scale that we compared the much pricier Audi A3.

Mazda is a leader in making forward collision prevention available on its affordable models. Many earn the Top Safety Pick Plus designation. Mazda’s products are also very fuel economical, being stingy on fuel and using regular unleaded. Finally, our comparison of the Mazda3 with snow tires to a Subaru Impreza AWD in actual winter conditions was a pleasant surprise and caught the attention of a lot of readers.

Congratulations to Mazda for earning this award.