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Make Your Voice Heard - Take This MIT Autonomous Car Survey

The folks working to commercialize autonomous cars want your input.

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a hub of autonomous vehicle development. In addition to the institute’s direct studies related to robotics, software, sensors and the like, Toyota has established a research institute at MIT chaired by Dr. Gill Pratt, Ph.D., an MIT alum.

Toyota and Lexus already have autonomous vehicles, as do most manufacturers. Lexus and Toyota have also been the vehicles chosen by Google for most of their testing. As the technology nears maturity, the manufacturer-sponsored technology teams bringing autonomous vehicles to the dealer near you want to know what you want. Do you want your vehicle to be able to drive itself? If so, what do you want to happen when the vehicle cannot be operated autonomously? Do you despise all mention of self-driving cars and wish they would all go away and take that darn automatic emergency braking with it?

Normally, we love for you to tell us your thoughts in the comments section below (and please feel free to do so now). However, this time, we would really appreciate it if you would take the survey. Just click here to get started.

It takes less than a minute to complete. I took it and felt good that my thoughts and opinions on the matter would be heard by those about to launch this technology. Once the results of the survey are complete, MIT has agreed to share the data with Torque News. We will follow up soon, and you can then see how many folks share your views.

Join us...