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Lexus IS outscores rivals on IIHS Front Crash Prevention test

The 2014 Lexus IS 250 and IS 350 scored "Advanced" on the IIHS' front crash prevention system test and scored higher than the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes CLA, Infiniti Q50, and 2 Audi models.

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The Lexus IS350 and IS250 are all new for 2014. This week the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) tested the Lexus IS series’ front crash prevention systems and rated them at the top of the “Advanced” category. This rating will enable the Lexus IS Series to earn a Top Safety Pick+ rating if it scores “Acceptable” or "Good" on the coming Small Frontal Overlap Test.

Front crash prevention systems help a driver to deal with an impending crash better than they might otherwise. The most basic systems warn the driver with audible and other alerts. The Lexus Advanced Pre-Collision System (PCS) does much more. First, the system warns the driver to apply the brakes. However, many drivers who do then act fail to employ the full braking power of their vehicles in such situations. The Lexus system calculates the amount of force needed to prevent the crash and even if the driver has braked, will add to that braking force if it is required. This is commonly called Brake-Assist and is common on most Toyota family and Lexus models.

In some situations the driver may not react fast enough and not begin to brake in time to prevent a serious accident. The Lexus PCS will apply the brakes autonomously in this situation and either prevent, or reduce the severity of a collision. This is why the Lexus PCS earned the IIHS’ “Advanced” rating. Due to the effectiveness of the Lexus system it was at the top of the “Advanced” category in these tests.

Lexus’ IS rival, the BMW 3-Series has two systems. One system was rated “Basic” by IIHS. The optional camera-based system was also rated “Advanced”, but was outscored by the Lexus IS on the 12 mph test. The Lexus also outscored the Audi A3, Audi A6, Mercedes CLA, and Infiniti Q50. To see the full test scores and also see which models scored Superior, please see the full IIHS report.

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Main Image courtesy of Lexus International

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