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Lexus fans – does this Britt McHenry pic make you cringe or grin?

ESPN’s infamous Britt McHenry’s Lexus photo on Instagram makes us wonder. Yes, she's the one that went off on the tow truck employee.

In case you are not up to speed in the recent controversy, ESPN sportscaster, Britt McHenry, was taped making ugly comments to an employee of a towing company. McHenry’s vehicle had been towed and when she went the impound lot to retrieve her ride she verbally berated the woman working at the company. The general tone is perhaps the worst part of McHenry’s rant, but a quick rundown of the insults she levied upon this working woman included disparaging comments about her teeth, her weight, her level of education and her job situation.

McHenry’s recent Instagram photo shows her and a gal-pal posing in front of a Black Lexus Sedan. Our question to readers who own Lexus vehicles is “what emotion does this conjure up for you?” On the one hand, Britt is quite easy on the eyes. The photo is nice, and Britt and her pal could easily be spokesmodels at an auto show or two models in any car advertisement.

You can listen to the rant here at LiveLeak. The Instagram page with the image is at this link. Your comments are welcome.